Crystal Lake Citizen Activist Tom Roti Admonished Sheriff Keith Nygren on Immigration Enforcement

From the lack of local activity since the Illinois Minuteman Project and Rosanna Pulido brought Ohio Sheriff Daniel Beck spoke at McHenry County College last fall, one might think the issue has gone away.

Maybe not.

Read Tom Roti’s letter to McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

What do you think? Is it still a vibrant issue?

Dear Sheriff Nygren:

I ask myself the following question.

Where does one begin when writing about law enforcement?

Perhaps the best place to begin is with the oath of office that you and each of your officers take when getting sworn in upon taking your job.

You and your officers take an oath to support the laws of the United States, the State of Illinois and McHenry County. Nothing can be more important than the oath you have sworn to uphold on behalf of U.S. Citizens. This oath also underscores the fact that your first obligation is to uphold the existing law. You may not like the law you have to uphold, or agree with the law, but your job is to uphold the law.

From what I can see, you and your officers have failed to uphold the law of the United States, the State of Illinois and McHenry County as regards immigration.

When I say immigration, I am not only referring to Hispanic peoples. I am referring to people of all nationalities. I don’t care if they are Chinese, Italians, French, Polish or even Hispanics. Illegal immigration is exactly what the law says it is-illegal.

What part of illegal do you not understand?

Perhaps instead of going to Mexico for sensitivity training you should go to law school and learn how to uphold the law.

Now comes the second observation.

If illegal immigrants are rewarded for not obeying the law, why should legal citizens obey the law? What purpose would it have for anyone to obey the law?

Rewarding people, by not arresting them for immigration violations, breeds contempt for the laws of the Nation, State and County.

When you then have no one obeying laws and law enforcement officials upholding the law as they see fit, you have ad hoc low enforcement. Ad hoc law enforcement will ultimately lead to civil disobedience and civil war.

Professors at Princeton university in past interviews describe a growing subculture in America which will lead to excessive violence in this country. This is now the very situation we have now reached in this Country, State and County.

We have become a society which is subject to both subversive activity and ad hoc law enforcement.

So what is the answer to this situation?

I, along with a growing number of individuals, will take it upon ourselves to work to impeach you from office unless this pathetic situation changes.

You have betrayed you oath, you office and the law which you pledged to support. No one really wants to engage in your removal from office.

What we want is for you to uphold the pledge you made when taking office. Is that too much to ask?
I remain, a patriotic American, who has served six years of his life defending this country in the U.S.M.C. I care about America and its laws. Do you?

Thomas J.Roti

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