Ah Ha!

Some evidence that my musings on the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax were not misplaced appeared on the front page of Thursday’s Chicago Tribune.

New readers won’t remember my prediction that passage of the cat tax would allow opponents of cat tax supporters to have a ready-made mailing list for future political campaigns.

The Tribune story tells of how reformer Joel Erickson, who somehow made it onto the Berwyn village board, got the list of licensed pets and sent a newsletter addressed to the towns cats and dogs by name.

What a great idea!

Something very similar to what I advised county board cat tax opponents to do if they ran against a cat tax supporter.

The establishment politicians in Berwyn, who in the worst way do not want to give up power to a city manager, if Erickson gets his way to change the form of government, are aghast at his innovative use of public information.

I guess that Berwyn must have a rabid bat problem.

Why else would they want house cats to be licenses except to make sure they had rabies shots?


I forgot.

Politicians like the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors wanted the revenue.

But I’ll bet Berwyn didn’t exempt barn cats, the way the McHenry County ordinance did.

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Even the mention of the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors scared these two Downtown Crystal Lake feral cats to run through the hole in the fence within sight of the Crystal Lake City Hall. They must be smart enough to know that city tax collectors are not the ones to fear.

Maybe Keely Cat needs to talk to them about Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% city sales tax hike.

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