Twelve Continuances on a DUI?

This anonymous telephone call was printing in Elgin’s Daily Courier-News on Friday:>

No Justice: “My sister just called me. Her ex-son-in-law just got the 12th continuance on a DUI charge. Twelve continuances.

“Can you believe that?

“This is a McHenry County judge.

“No wonder we have drunks on the road.”

Hard to believe.

I wonder if there is anyway to check something like this out without knowing the name of the person arrested.

Seems that the court might have a case “aging” measurement.


Twelve Continuances on a DUI? — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, I am surprised that you don’t know better. What if the police department doesn’t produce the police reports until the third court date, then the officer doesn’t show for three more. Then the laboratory results don’t show up for three more. Then when your set for hearing another case is older. This is pretty common. I am a little sad that you don’t understand the due process that goes into these cases … and instead you blame judges who have very little control over these items. Very sad.

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