MCC “Transparency.” Not.

Notice how I am trying to catch up to the lingo of the younger generation in my headline.

McHenry County Board member Scott Summers asked a couple of months ago for MCC staffers to explore and cost out whether th board’s meeting could be live streamed on the internet.

Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting Kathleen Plinske gave the report.

The biggest objection presented was that band width for 6 or 7 o’clock meetings would compete with high student and teacher use of the internet facilities.

The biggest cost cited was the need for a communications technician at meetings. The pay would be $20 an hour.

Big deal, I’m thinking.

As might be expected, “the staff doesn’t recommend video,” she said.

Summers asked about the band width requirements for live stream audio.

“The requirements for ban width would be significantly less,” she observed, but noted it would still “require a technician.”

“I think it’s a good experiment,” Summers said, pointing out that the only equipment cost would be a $200 recorder.

Ally Donna Kurtz suggested it “gives us a proving ground,” but she asked that the audio be indexed by agenda item.

“Let’s break out the agenda items so people have a menu to pick from,” she advocated.

“In terms of splitting up the audio, that’s not something staff had thought about,” Plinske replied. “It would increase the amount of staff time.”

Maybe a bit, but the board secretary could easily note the time when consideration began on new agenda items.

But, whether it was practical or not was irrelevant, the board majority had made up its mind that this would be too much transparency.

“I’m not really for this,” Mary Miller said.

As they went around the room, Summers, who sits next to Miller, expressed his support for a six-month trial.

“Not in favor,” veteran board member Barbara Walters said.

“I’m not in favor. We have an open meeting. Pelple can come,” Frances Glossen, who often votes on the losing side with Summers and Kurtz, said.

“Not in favor,” MCC Board President George Lowe continued.

“Not either,” Carol Larson said.

Arguing for “transparency,” Kurtz said, “The expense is insignificant.”

“I’m in favor of it,” the youngest, student board member Katie Claypool said.

Kurtz asked if it would be voted upon at Thursday’s board meeting.

“Not on the agenda,” was the reply…from Lowe, I believe.

“So, there will be no vote on it,” Kurtz observed.

Face it.

This board does not want anyone to be able to listen to what they have said.

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McHenry County Board member Scott Summers is in the top photo. Trustee Donna Kurtz can be seen talking in the one below. Behind her is Trustee Carol Larson. At the bottom can be seen the board and several administrators. Kathleen Plinske is seated to the left at the table in front of the board.

Thanks for the additional information from the person who left a comment. (I have corrected the spelling mistake.)

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