Be Afraid, Keely. Be Very Afraid.

The McHenry County Health Department, a.k.a, the wannabe McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors are back.

The have identified two rabid bats in Cary.

That’s pretty close.

And, one got inside.

In a basement.

Don’t play coy.

You know about basements.

You run through the basement door any chance you get.

Then Cat Mom has to use those cat wipie dipes to clean off the dirt.

Now, if she reads this article, she might be more worried that you would get bitten by a rabid bat.

You are so lucky that she doesn’t read McHenry County Blog.

No word on whether the McHenry County Board will try to force house cats to have rabies shots, while ignoring those barn cats that may be in real danger.

“If it’s all the same with you, Cat Dad, I’d rather sleep.”

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