Jack Franks Snags a Democratic National Convention Delegate Slot

Primary election night was not a good one for State Representative Jack Franks.

Oh, it was OK as far as his nomination for state representative was concerned.

Hard not win a non-contested primary.

But he was also on the ballot for delegate to the Democratic National Convention pledged to United State Senator Hillary Clinton.

Look at the election returns:

(WON) Charles E. Jefferson (Obama) 41,173
(WON) Mary Tuit (Obama) 40,057
Eleanor (Bobbie) Colbert (Obama) 35,520
(WON) Sunil Puri (Obama) 35,520
Victory Bell (Clinton) 25,694
Jack Franks (Clinton) 25,229
(WON) Barbara A. Giolitto (Clinton) 24,044
Martha P. Logemann (Clinton) 23,695

According to Republican Party rules, the four Barack Obama delegates would have won. After all, they got the most votes.

But the Democrats play by proportional representation rules, which I freely admit to not completely understanding. Since Clinton got more that 15% of the vote, she was entitled to one delegate.

The winners were the first male for Obama, the first female for Obama, then the next male for Obama and, finally, the first female for Clinton.

Two men, two women.

And, even though Franks and the other Clinton-pledged male on the ballot ahead of him got more votes than the first Clinton woman, she gets to go to the convention representing the 16th congressional district.

As an aside, I’d observe that the Democratic Party does not seem too democratic.

But, not to worry. The state Democratic Party came to the rescue of Jack Franks.

And to rescue of 16th District Clinton supporter Victory Bell.

The Obama and Clinton campaigns agreed the following seven party leaders and elected officials pledged to Clinton would be named delegates:

Victory Bell
George Cardenas
Kevin Conlon
Jack Franks
Sylvia Leonberger
Shirley McCombs
Alice Palmer

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