Pig Farm as Anti-Development Tool

The man pointing his figure as if a kid with a play gun is Bob Wargaski.

Wargaski is out in front of the recently arrested tee-shirt Marine Greg Kachka.

Wargaski wants to start a pig farm in Island Lake.


If he opens a pig farm, the Village of Island Lake won’t be able to build a water tower next to his property.

It’s not that he doesn’t know anything about animals.

He already has a herd of buffalo in Wisconsin.

The Chicago Tribune ran a big story a while back and now the Northwest Herald has piled on.

Under the story by Julian Duchnowski are comments about a member of the Teegan family. I thought the name looked familiar, so I searched McHenry County Blog and found this article entitled,

There are various spellings of the name in the article, but it surely could be the same family that poured
$12,000 into the campaign coffers of Citizens for a Better Wonder Lake.

The best political button or sticker of the 1990’s was one from opponents of factory hog farms. It said,


They may not vote, but they can play a role in local politics.

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