Mike Tryon’s Opponent Robert Kaempfe Issues Press Release As Incumbent Prepares to Fill Campaign Coffers

You will remember that Democratic Party candidate for state representative against Republican incumbent Mike Tryon got more votes in the primary election than he did.

How coincidental is the release of Kaempfe’s press release on the same day that Tryon is holding a $75 fund raising “Luau?”

It also comes on the day that the Chicago Sun-Times is editorializing against the pay hike. Tryon voted against the pay raise.

Tryon’s event is scheduled from 5:30-7 tonight at D’Andrea Banquets at the southeast corner of Routes 14 and 31. Entry is from Route 14.

Kaempfe’s press release is about returning to the old system of setting pay raises—a majority of each house has to vote to set them. A Democrat sponsored the bill to make it what could be called an “opt out” system in which both houses have to vote on the same language to reject pay hikes recommended by folks appointed by the leaders of those who will get the raises.

Here is his press release:


CRYSTAL LAKE—The Illinois Compensation Review Board has once again recommended hefty pay boosts for state legislators and other elected official that will go into effect automatically unless the Legislature takes action to overrule the Board. Robert Kaempfe, Democratic candidate for State Representative from the 64th District believes the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

While the Review Board is doing their job of drafting recommendations on pay levels, Kaempfe maintains that the problem lies in the law which allows legislators to receive pay raises without taking responsibility for them.

“The pay raises can be stopped only if legislators vote to reject them. If they do nothing the raises go into effective,” Kaempfe said. “This gives your state legislatures an out by letting them be able to say, “I didn’t vote myself a pay raise.’”

Kaempfe pointed out that the current recommendation for legislators is an 11.7% raise.

“While the price of gasoline is nuts, food prices soaring, and homes being foreclosed, citizens are not seeing nearly 12% boosts in their pay checks,” Kaempfe said. “The legislature can’t even come to grips with a budget, but they want the people to give them a pass on an automatic pay raise.”

“I will introduce legislation to require that both the Illinois House and Senate vote positively to affirm recommendations by the Compensation Review Board.,” Kaempfe vowed.

In addition, the current law makes the proposed pay raises all or nothing. Kaempfe’s proposed legislation would allow the legislature to revise recommended pay raises down, but not up. If the Board recommends 11.7% but the legislators do not believe the full amount is justified, affordable, or reflective of the wishes of the citizens, they could lower the increase by any amount rather than just rejecting in total.

“What ever the case,” Kaempfe said, “the legislator must vote to approve it. This would give the public an idea who was voting for unrealistic or undeserved pay raises.”

Kaempfe invites comment on his proposal by e-mail at robert.kaempfe@yahoo.com.

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