“Tis But a Scratch”

Can’t you just hear minor league baseball stadium promoter Pete Heitman saying that?

Heitman is on a search for his Holy Grail—a minor league baseball stadium that he and his mysterious investors won’t have to pay for.

This Black Knight has had one arm hacked off in his efforts to storm McHenry County College treasury.

The peasants got angry.



You know the routine.

Still, it wasn’t a total loss.

Heitman’s buddy Mark Houser made off with checks for tens of thousands of dollars.

But the Black Knight has another arm left.

Plus two legs and a body.

Plenty of more profit motive fight left in his black heart of hearts.

“Just have to find the right public treasury,” the Black Knight thinks.

“One with feeble guardians.”

And, now the Northwest Herald’s Tom Musik reports Heitman is approaching other castle treasure chests.

A half a dozen, most in McHenry County, but two in Lake, according to the article.

I wonder if one is near a prospective pig farm in Island Lake.


The prospective pig farm has a vigorous defender. He has a finger gun, too.

Maybe it’s Round Lake, I thought.

Mayor Bill Gentes, who is running for the 26th state senate district, has a site on which he wanted Advocate to construct a hospital. I thought it might work. Instead they looked seriously at one near downtown.

But it didn’t work out.

When I asked, here is what Gentes said,

“We talked to those guys about 2-3 years ago and decided it made no sense for us.”

He said he had written about it on his blog.

As reported before, Huntley, Woodstock and McHenry are interested and one whose leaders want to discuss disbursement of the coin of the realm with the Black Knight in the dark.

“The team would seek some financial help from its home community and county,” Musik quotes Heitman indirectly.

And in a direct quote, “… we’ve just got to find somebody who’s going to help out. We need a little bit of help, obviously, because we can’t do it all ourselves.”

Is it possible county board members could be so audacious as to support such a proposal with McHenry County Democrats preparing the ladders to storm the excellent paying Round Table’s gates?

The Northwest Herald has already indicated it thinks county financial support is a good idea.

Could the Republican Party be ready to cede the role of fiscal conservative to that the party it has painted as the B-I-G SPENDERS?

McHenry Mayor Sue Low and Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager are quoted in the article, which says Heitman wants a four-lane highway.

Don’t we all?

Maybe that puts Huntley in the lead. It already has a four-lane road.

But, then again, so does McHenry.

Tomorrow, the questions Round Lake Mayor Bill Gentes asked of Heitman and the ones Heitman could not answer satisfactorily.

= = = = =
Holy Grail modification of Monty Python movie scene compliments of Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter.

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