Huntley’s Talking Teachers’ Salaries

A little while ago, a couple of teachers were quoted about contract negotiations in The Voice, the Huntley High School student newspaper.

I looked up at the database, to see how much these teachers earned a year ago.

“The information on this website is provided by the Illinois Board of Education (ISBE). Their source for this information is the Teacher Service Record, compiled and submitted annually by local school districts,” the web site says.

“According to the ISBE, the annual salary data reported to them is the same as the ‘total creditable earnings’ reported to the Teachers Retirement System,” it adds.

Interested in what Shannon Romanski, the psychology teacher who complained she wasn’t motivated by her salary, earned in 2007?

You can look it up here.

The salaries of all Huntley School District 158 teachers are listed.

If you want a hint, one of the quoted teachers earned almost $81,000 in 2007; the other was paid $51,000.

The salaries of all other Illinois teachers can be found here under their school district’s name. (Some are a bit tough to find. Press the control and “F” key on your computer and type in the district number. That should help in difficult instances.)

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