The Net Worth of Congress Folks

A new web site makes it easy to find out how much wealth our congressmen have accumulated.

For 16th district Congressman Don Manzullo it’s $1.2 million.

For 8th congressional district United States Representative Melissa Bean, it’s $10.000.

The richest is Rahm Emmanuel at $21 million.

Thanks for Respublica for leading me to this “Fortune 535” list of the Sunshine Foundation.

Here are the rest, except for Phil Hare from the Quad Cities. He’s over $35,000 in the hole.

The web site offers this qualifier:

“So take what follows with a boulder-sized grain of salt: It’s all based on information from the seriously flawed disclosure system used by members of Congress.”

There’s also a listing for the largest changes over a congressman’s career. It says -$43,845,740 for Tim Johnson.

What do you think that’s all about?

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