“Because Integrity Counts”

On his web site, that slogan comes right after the name of “Thomas J. Cynor for State’s Attorney of McHenry County.”

Just in case you are wondering what kind of a campaign that the Democratic Party candidate and former McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee Chairman will run, I expect that provides a clue.

But, there was something else on the front page on May 16 (last Friday) which seems to have disappeared.

It was the McHenry County seal.

Now, it’s gone.

I’ve emailed Cynor asking him why it disappeared.

Here is his reply:

“If you visit the website regularly, you will note that it is still under construction and the graphic artist makes esthetic changes almost daily. The artist hired by the campaign committee has not completed all the art work for the home page. In fact, much of his work was just recently added today. I have been informed by the committee that final roll out of the website will be at the end of May with a press release to follow. I have been informed that the artist may include portions of the county seal, county buildings or other county elements in the final graphics of the page again depending upon esthetics.

“I believe the artist has done a wonderful job on the campaign logo and yard sign design to date and I look forward to seeing the final product in a few weeks. Thanks for the interest.”

Click to enlarge the images.

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