30 Caught in Bag Man’s Snare

Yesterday I gave you too much—the entire U.S. Attorney’s press release on the indictment of the newest round of Chicago employees in the business of shaking down contractors and builders.

Today, I’ll add a tid bit I found in a footnote on page 7 of the criminal complaint by FBI Agent Tom Simon against architect Ronald Piekarz and MacArthur Milam.

“Cooperating Witness 1 has provided information about bribery activities about thirty individuals.”

Beginning June 4, 2007, with the exception of several weeks in January, through March 28, 2008, his every cellular phone call on his business phone has been taped by United States Postal Inspectors.

Let’s see.

15 indicted.

15 to go.

“Here we go again,” as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said.

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