Democratic and Republican Party 2002 Gubernatorial Fund Raisers Now Found Corrupt

I’m sure I have mentioned before that admitted felon Stuart Levine, of Crystal Lake Mercy Hospital shake down fame, was the biggest lifetime contributor to 2002 Republican candidate for governor Jim Ryan.

Levine was a crooked so corrupt that people speculated his testimony at the trial of Tony Rezko, one of 2002 Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Rod Blagojevich’s chief fund raisers, would not be credible.

Now Rezko’s federal jury has found him guilty of 16 of 24 counts.

So, big fund raisers of both of my 2002 opponents for governor have been proven to be crooks.

My chief fund raiser, Ted Semon, my Libertarian Party fund raiser is the only one untouched by corruption.

And, let us not forget, Rezko was the fund raiser who got Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama started in politics.

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The guy on the TV screen is convicted felon Tony Rezko.

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