Part 2 – Notables at the Illinois Republican Party Convention

Yesterday, I started a story about the Republican notables I saw at the Republican State Convention held in Decatur on Friday and Saturday.

My wife and I arrived later than expected on Friday–about 6:30. It turned out all the decision has been made in committee. None were changed by anything done on the convention floor on Saturday.

Friday night, after registering and eating a bit, we decided to take up State Senator Kirk Dillard’s invitation to those attending the convention to visit the mansion of Lincoln supporter Richard Oglesby in downtown Decatur.

As we were walking out the front door of the convention center, the sun was setting behind the elephant that House Minority Leader Tom Cross had parked outside.

I’ll leave whether that is symbolic of anything that happened at the convention up to others.

At the Oglesby Mansion, I met Terri Ann Wintermute, the Republican candidate for state senate in the 42nd district. Democrat Linda Holmes is the incumbent. Republican Judge Ed Petka held the seats for years.

Earlier I had met Bollingbrook Mayor Roger Claar. I got a picture of State Senator Dan Rutherford conferring with a smiling Claar at the mansion.

Next I ran into our host Kirk Dillard. He told me that Oglesby was the last person to have an appointment with Lincoln before he was shot.

After looking at the bedrooms, I found my friend former State Representative and Republican National Committeewoman Penny Pullen talking with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Sauerburg in the parlor.

More notables tomorrow.

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