Part 3 – Notables at the Illinois Republican Convention

I haven’t mentioned how wet it was in Decatur last weekend for the Illinois Republican Party Convention.

Since there were pans collecting water on the convention floor, it seems appropriate.

It was pouring Saturday morning as delegates were arriving.

The next morning Republican Party State Chairman Andy McKenna spoke to our McHenry County Republican caucus.

Platform committee chairman Gene Dawson, the Barrington Township Republican Committeeman, who is also the 8th congressional district State Central Committeeman, explained the proposed 12-page platform. I asked him if it would be posted on the web site and he said it would.

McHenry County State Rep. Mike Tryon qualifies as a notable. I got his photo, but, for some reason didn’t take them of State Senator Pam Althoff and McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler. Sorry about that, guys.

Kathy Salvi, whom I wanted the chance to vote for on the convention floor spoke to us, informing us that she had agreed to accept the offer of the woman the committee had recommended be selected Republican National Committeewoman, Demetra DeMonte, to be her deputy. It’s a good fit since DeMonte is from near Peoria and Salvi is from Lake County.

More Illinois GOP Convention notables tomorrow.

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