Part 4- Notables at the Illinois Republican Party Convention

This is the fourth part of how I occupied my time at the 2008 Illinois Republican Party Convention in Decatur the end of last week.

Right after we left the McHenry County Republican Party caucus, we spotted the head of the John McCain campaign in 2002 and 2008, Jim Durkin, in the hall. I got this shot.

We went looking for more food that we got at the Comfort Inn and found the brunch was sponsored by State Senator Bill Brady. I figure if he was going to pop for some good scrambled eggs, I should take his photo. Here he is talking to two men whose names I would be happy to put in the article, if anyone will identify them.

Although like most newspaper reporters, former Chicago Tribune Springfield reporter, who handled Bill Brady’s press for his gubernatorial campaign in 2006 was found talking to Lee Newspapers report Ken Law.

Afterwards, we found Kathy Salvi again, this time talking to a woman who turned out to be Demetra DeMonte. I prevailed upon them for a photo.

The Rev. Bob VandenBosch from the Quentin Road Baptist Church in Lake County was present to give the invocation. Would you believe he was bold enough to invoke the name of Jesus Christ? Of course, if you knew him, you would know he would be that bold.

More 2008 Republican State Convention notables tomorrow.

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