Part 6 – Notables at the Decatur Republican State Convention

This is the final installment of pictures of Republican notables I took a week ago in Decatur at the Illinois Republican Convention.

Somehow I missed House Minority Leader Tom Cross on the way down the line. When I went back, I took this shot and asked him what he thought of my idea to use the RTA sales tax for roads and county-imposed Motor Fuel Tax to match Federal highway funds. He told me that Tryon had told him it was my idea and that he thought it was a good one.

Also on hand was political consultant Dan Curry. He writes the blog “Reverse Spin.”

DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett was in line waiting to be introduced when I asked for this smiley face.

14th district Republican congressional candidate Jim Oberweis was spotted talking to McLean County Republican Chairman John Parrot.

Chicago’s only Republican State Representative, Mike McAuliffe, was kind enough to pose for this shot. He says I can’t write anything bad about him if I use it.

I also found State Rep. Chapin Rose, who represents the Charleston-Mattoon area, out in the hall.

So, who else did I take a picture of?

Oh, yes.

My Illinois Review Editor Fran Eaton. Here’s her picture. I took it as we were about to walk into the stultifying heat of Decatur on Saturday afternoon.

And who did I miss taking a picture of?

I saw and shook hands with State Senator Chris Lauzen shortly after registering. I wasn’t into photo mode yet.

Then I saw Dan Duffy, who is running for state senate to replace retiring Bill Peterson. Duffy did a good job distributing buttons and since getting home, I have seen two of his bumper stickers in the Knox Park parking lot.

As we were leaving the dinner place after getting an autographed book from fellow Illinois Review contributor Eric Wallace, I ran into former State Rep. Bob Churchill.

Among others who didn’t get a flash in their face was John Curry, 32nd Ward Committeeman. In the 1970’s, Curry compiled how much spending each legislator supported with his or her vote for the Illinois Conservative Union. I was on the low end, as you might imagine.

Jack Roeser, who founded the Family Taxpayers Network, and I talked after the impressive speech of State Rep. Aaron Shock, candidate for congress to replace Ray LaHood. Earlier I saw FTN’s chief honcho John Biver.

State Rep. Ron Wait and I talked briefly. You can see him with his name on the back of his tee shirt above behind McHenry County’s convention delegates.

I am sure there were other notables I saw and didn’t mention. My apologies.

One final addition. What I assume from the General Assembly license plate 105 and bumper sticker is State Rep. Randy Ramey’s car passed us on Interstate 39 about the time we were hearing about the tornadoes crossing Route 55. I don’t know whether that qualifies him for this article or not.

All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them.

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