Republicans Weigh in on Economic Growth

Here is what the Illinois GOP approved regarding economic development in its party platform:


The Republican Party deplores the budgetary gridlock with which the Governor and the General Assembly’s majority Democrats have brought disrepute on Illinois government and instituted uncertainty as the watchword for our state. Businesses take note of such wrangling and indecision and, despite our state’s natural advantages in location and infrastructure, turn to other states for expansion and office or plant siting.

  • We advocate a pro-growth orientation for our state’s economic policies, subjecting proposed legislation or regulation to analysis as to its impact on economic growth for Illinois and rejecting any proposals which would impose a negative impact.

  • The Republican Party stood united in 2007 to defeat Gov. Blagojevich’s “gross receipts tax” proposal and continues to stand against tax increases on the people and businesses of Illinois.

  • We call on the Republican delegations in both the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate to present an alternative budget, reflecting our principles, to engender debate on spending and to move along the process of enacting a budget for Fiscal Year 2009.

  • Illinois Republicans understand that taxing businesses translates into fewer jobs, less investment and higher consumer prices. Therefore Republicans not only oppose higher general taxes but will consistently fight the multitude of tax and fee increases which are bleeding Illinois employers and destroying jobs.

  • We deplore the re-enactment of the Illinois death tax during Gov. Blagojevich’s first term, some 20 years after Republican leadership in our legislature had abolished it, and we call on the General Assembly and the Governor to do away with this unjust tax on Illinois families, family businesses and farms.

  • Illinois Republicans share the alarm of our fellow citizens over the escalating prices of gasoline and note the contribution of federal, state and local taxes – including state and local sales taxes – to our state’s disastrously high ranking in at-the-pump prices for gasoline. We call on the General Assembly and the Governor to abate these taxes on gasoline and to appeal to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for sensible changes in the EPA’s gasoline formulary rules in order to alleviate the cost of refining gasoline for the greater Chicago market.

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The photographs you see were taken after the Decatur convention adjourned. Delegations were encouraged to take their counties’ signs home. Seen above at the signs of the St. Clair County and Tazewell County Republican Central Committees being readied for the trip home. The Casey’s gasoline price was taken over the convention weekend.

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