Steve Greenberg Criticizes Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s Holiday from Voting

Did you even see “Mr. Bean’s Holiday?”

It’s plot:

“Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes where he unwittingly separates a young boy from his father and must help the two come back together.”

After reading 8th congressional district Republican Party candidate Steve Greenberg Thursday internet letter below, I wonder if Melissa Bean’s service in congress has a similar plot:

“Ms. Bean wins a trip to Washington where she unwittingly separates her constituent’s money from them and must convince her constituents otherwise to win re-election.”

Democrats’ Massive Tax Hike
Steve Stands Against Overburdening Taxation

Last week the Democrats in the House of Representatives passed the largest tax increase in American history.

This tax hike of nearly $700 billion over the next five years will result in an average tax increase of $1800 for 166 million taxpayers.

Marginal tax rates rose, the child credit was cut in half, and the marriage penalty and death tax were re-imposed.

This comes at a time of high food and gas prices, further increasing the financial burden on every American family.

The Democrats in Washington have ignored the common sense economics of low taxes and responsible government spending.

Meanwhile, my opponent, Melissa Bean, was nowhere to be found.

She stood idly by while her Democratic colleagues passed the largest tax increase in our nation’s history. While she was spotted several times during the day on the House floor by members of Congress and voted on a less-controversial bill later that afternoon,

she could not find time to vote against placing this added tax burden

on the families in the 8th District. She had the opportunity to show leadership and she failed.

The events of yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon reinforce my belief that we lack strong leadership in Washington at a time when it is needed most. This is precisely why I am running for Congress.

I will work tirelessly to lower taxes and promote an environment for businesses to thrive.

Moreover, unlike my opponent,

I will never show a lack of respect to my constituents by failing to vote on a bill as important as this.

I will never forget how hard citizens work for their money, nor will I ever sit on the sidelines and leave the families, taxpayers and seniors of the 8th District out to dry.

Melissa Bean and her Democrat colleagues will continue to raise your taxes unless we elect strong, fiscally responsible leaders to represent us in Washington. Now, more than ever, the families of our community need a champion for lower taxes and the elimination of government waste.

A need for change has been demonstrated.

Help me make that change.

Our campaign faces a very important deadline on June 30th and we need your help. I am so thankful to have you as part of our team, and I ask you to help us make this important push. Please pledge today to contribute $100, $250 or $500 (anything up to the legal limit of $2300) to our campaign before the deadline on June 30th by going to my website at

Together we can win this race and give the 8th District of Illinois an independent voice in Washington. With your help we can push on to victory!

With Gratitude,

Steve Greenberg

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