What McHenry County Republicans Signed Up To Attend the Decatur Convention Who Did Not Go?

Yesterday, I listed all of the McHenry County residents I saw in Decatur the weekend before last at the Illinois Republican Party Convention. Plus a couple of more seen by others.

It was a far cry from the 64 McHenry County was entitled to.

Today, after examining a list of convention delegates published May 29th by the Family Taxpayers Network,

State GOP Convention – Delegate List (A- G)

State GOP Convention – Delegate List (H – K)

State GOP Convention – Delegate List (L – P)

State GOP Convention – Delegate List (Q – Z)

I identified the following with McHenry County addresses who did not attend the convention, as far as I know:

  • David Barr, Harvard
  • Robert Borchert, Crystal Lake
  • Daniel Cery, Fox River Valley (60010)
  • Keith Hill, Woodstock
  • John Jacobs, Woodstock
  • Donna Kurtz, Crystal Lake
  • Charles Lutzow, Crystal Lake
  • Irene Napier, Crystal Lake
  • Bernard Narusis, Oakwood Hills
  • Regina Narusis, Oakwood Hills
  • Dorothy Otis, Marengo
  • Kevin Pack, McHenry
  • Nick Provenzano, McHenry
  • Dan Ryan, Huntley
  • James Schlader, McHenry
  • Sue Schlader, McHenry
  • Ken Shaw, Wonder Lake
  • Glenn Smeltzer, Lake in the Hills
  • Fredrick Wickham, Crystal Lake

I may be off on some who live in zip codes that cross county lines–like 60010.

Irene Napier’s daughter-in-law’s funeral was the same weekend, so that probably explains a number of her pro-life friends deciding to stay home.

Even adding the names above to the ones who went to Decatur does not reach the number of delegates McHenry County was entitled to send.

In my opinion, a more open process could have resulted in a full complement, plus alternates in attendance.

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The top picture shows a standing vote, probably on whether to approve the convention committee recommendation for national committeeman or national committeewoman. The next one is of where the DuPage County delegates sat until they walked out after losing a vote. The bottom one is what those attending saw. We were almost in the back row. You can see that the Kane County Republican Central Committee got much better seats. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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