Two Algonquin Connections in Federal Chicago School System Corruption Case

When I wrote this story eleven months ago, I thought the Algonquin connection was that indicted Democratic Party fund raiser Aidan E. Monahan’s Monahan Landscaping did business out of Algonquin, as well as Arlington Heights and Chicago.

Now, it turns out that his minority front man, ex-Chicago Bear Roland Harper lives in Algonquin on Westbourne Parkway, assuming he listed his home address of a $200 political contribution to Republican Cook County Commissioner Allan Carr in 2001. He has a trucking business called Rohar that is based in Algonquin. I read that Harper was sixth on the Bear’s all-time rushing list.

Tuesday, Harper pled guilty to allowing Monahan to use his trucking company as a fake minority set aside contractor to get yard work from the Chicago Public Schools. Harper’s firm was supposed to do fifty percent of the work.

The Chicago Sun-Times says Harper faces up to 20 years in prison, but his attorney says 16 months is more likely.

Who did Monahan make political contributions to?

  • $108,000 to the state party,
  • $27,000 to Michael Madigan,
  • $25,000 to Lisa Madigan,
  • Dick Mell’s 33rd Ward Organization $10,000.
  • Rod Blagojevich $5,000,
  • $1,625 William Delgado,
  • $1,500 Mayor Richard Daley

Among others receiving campaign checks are the indicted Andrea Troutman. Another favorite was 45th Ward Alderman Patrick Levar.

The most recent contribution—October 19, 2005–was to the Statesman of the Year State and Local PAC. It got about $23,000 over the years and is connected to Operating Engineers Local 150.

Harper’s company Rohar gave Governor Rod Blagojevich $1,000 almost on election day, 2006. He made a 2005 personal contribution to Statesman of the Year State & Local PAC.

Monahan pleaded guilty last week to mail fraud, one count only, though.

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