Would John Kass Get Arrested in Island Lake?

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote a column about how politicians in Chicago are allowed to carry guns to protect themselves, but ordinary folks aren’t.

I’ve written about that hypocrisy, too.

The following paragraph was at the end of the piece:

“Rather than fire him, Daley promoted him. When I last saw Little Pistol a few days ago, he was holding up a wall at a sidewalk cafe, the street lined with black Mercedes, and I made a pistol sign with my finger and thumb and winked. He smiled back.”

So, remember how Vietnam veteran Greg Kachka was arrested for wearing a tee shirt and allegedly using his hand as a gun?

When I went over to his house the next day, his friend Bob Wargaski, the man using a pig farm to try to stop Island Lake from building a well across the road from his property, did the same thing when I took a photo of some of Kachka’s supporters.

So, should John Kass be advised not to be playful in Island Lake?

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