Republicans Raising Money; Democrats Canvassing Lake in the Hills, Marching in Hebron Saturday

Friday afternoon Algonquin Township Republicans were at Arlington Park raising money watching horses race.

Saturday, starting at 10:30 in the morning McHenry County Democrats will be working in McHenry County Board District 5 in Lake in the Hills for 7 hours, according to this notice on Party Builder.

They are meeting at the Sunset Park parking lot at the intersection of Miller and Albrecht Roads.

Want to bet that they will be passing out this piece of literature, which I believe is the template for all Democratic Party county board challengers this year?

The effort made the “Friday Five” on Blogs and Talk. The CBS station is located in Minot, North Dakota.

District 5 is where I suggested Paula Yensen might beat out McHenry County Board Vice Chairman John Jung. It is the district where Democrat Jim Kennedy beat Republican Perry Moy in 2006. Moy and Jung are from Woodstock. Kennedy and Yensen are from Lake in the Hills.

And, in Hebron, Tom Cynor, the Democratic Party’s anointed candidate for State’s Attorney is seeking volunteers to march with him. T-shirts and literature will be available, according to the information I got. “,,,we would love all the help we can get to spread his name.”

Those wanting to volunteer should gather at the staging area on Bigelow Avenue and Hebron Road at 10:30am. The parade begins at 11:30am.

After Wednesday’s McHenry County Democratic Central Committee meeting, there was a literature stuffing party at Cynor’s Woodstock home. One was announced for last night as well.

Laura Asbury was doing the recruiting for Cynor.

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