"So much corruption, so few prosecutors."

That’s the best line in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article by Daniel Brice on former Governor Tommy Thompson top aide Nick Hurtgen’s having his trial date set for extortion and mail fraud.

Hurtgen was head of Bear Stearns’ Chicago office when Republican National Committeeman Bob Kjellander got $913,000 for on Governor Rod Blagojevich’s $10 billion pension bond deal in his first year in office.

In an official filing, Bear Stearns said Kjellander did no work on the deal. Kjellander has not been accused of doing anything wrong.

Hurtgen’s not important enough in the scheme of things for Chicago media to keep on top of what’s happening to him, but, in Milwaukee, he’s big news.

The article says,

“Federal Judge John F. Grady had wanted to start the trial sooner, but the assistant U.S. attorney overseeing Hurtgen’s case had another corruption trial that she has to prosecute first, according to The Bond Buyer, a trade publication.

“That’s Chicago for you:

So much corruption, so few prosecutors.”

The trial starts November 3rd before Senior Judge John F. Grady.

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