Chris Kurg Shows His Sense of Humor by Suggesting Minor League Baseball Team Be Named the McHenry County Rabid Bat

You can’t tell me that the Northwest Herald’s Chris Kurg doesn’t have a sense of humor.

In his Sunday column, he tells of an encounter with a bat.

No. This isn’t a Dracula story. Nothing about Ivan, the Impaler.

But, after telling his bat story, he drops this gem:

“Kind of got me thinking … McHenry County Rabid Bats. That would make a cool name for a minor-league baseball team.

“You know, if we had a minor-league baseball team.”

For the record, Keely Cat and I think the

McHenry County Rabid Bats

would be an excellent name for a minor league baseball team.

Or, maybe I should say “would have made an excellent name” had McHenry County College been able to pull off a baseball stadium the way Heartland Community College has.

Bats, after all, only come out at night and that’s when the MCC board held its secret meetings.

Bats like to hide and the MCC board certainly hid a lot with the $400,000 it paid baseball promoter Pete Heitman’s buddy Mark Houser.

The work product the college provided me gives no indication of $400,000 of value received.

I’m waiting for the day that the Northwest Herald will announce that for a multi-million payment a minor league baseball stadium will become its namesake.

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