Dems Knocking on Doors in Sun City Sunday

Last Saturday, it was Democrats approaching homeowners in Lake in the Hills on behalf of Paula Yensen, McHenry County Democratic Party candidate for county board in the 65th district.

Today, it is 6th district candidate Robert Ludwig.

Accompanying him with be the Democratic Party for McHenry County State’s Attorney, Tom Cynor.

They are meeting at Culver’s at 11 AM. They will knock on doors until 3, when treats at Culver’s

I wish I could be there to take a picture when they meet, but I’ll be at the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake at our 11 o’clock service looking at some of the hundreds of pictures I and others took at Vacation Bible School this past week. They will appear on the big screens before each church service.

And, I’m sure my wife and weekend scheduler has me doing something in mid-afternoon as well.

But, maybe someone will send me a picture I can show you.

Free publicity, folks, and both candidates certainly need more name identification, if they are to have a chance of victory.

I was going to run a story entitled, “Democrats Invade McHenry County,” but it will have to wait until tomorrow. One Democratic Party invasion story a day is sufficient.

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Democratic Party District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Bob Ludwig is in the top photo. State’s attorney candidate Thomas Cynor appears below.

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