Part 1 – An Open Letter to Wonder Lake about the Creation of a Library District

An open letter from Wonder Lake Resident Jeff Gerhardt, Wonder Lake Community Tech Center:

To the Citizens of Wonder Lake,


Attached to this email is a very very long “Open Letter” about our (the Wonder Lake CDC) activities in creating a pair of library facilities, one on each side of Wonder Lake. The Open Letter is in fact 17 pages long.

The attached Open Letter is actually a response to a refusal to cooperate by the Executive Director of the McHenry Library District. I am sorry for the length of that letter. I realize to be effective most communications need to be short and concise with the information or people simply will not focus long enough to absorb all the information. In this age of 24-hour news channels we have all become accustomed to 15-second sound bites.

THIS EMAIL you are now reading is going to act as the “synopsis” for the attached letter. And honestly, this is going to 3 or more pages of text in itself.

We will hope that AFTER READING THIS, enough people in the community will then be motivated to read the longer letter to get ALL THE FACTS. At the least, you will have the document to refer to in the future.

If after reading this, you do read the longer form, I am sure that you will feel the same sense of moral outrage as we do, but will also shake your head and say the same things we have said, “so what else is new.”

Local Governmental bodies in McHenry County have been taking advantage of the people of Wonder Lake for so many years, that we have gotten used to it.

This email is one of a series of contacts that will be coming from the Wonder Lake Community Development Council (the WLCDC) and our partners; that we feel will have a dramatic impact on the future of Wonder Lake as a community. Indeed, the actions of the community and in particular some key people in our community over the next six month to a year are going to have a dramatic impact on our future.

The simple truth is that; the die will be cast for our future in the next year or two.

The simple action of a builder annexing a project to Wonder Lake instead of Ringwood, or perhaps a business owner locating a business in Wonder Lake; may seem trivial at the moment, but will have profound implications to our future.

It is the hope of the Wonder Lake Community Development Council to impact the transition we will all go through in a very positive way. The door is open for all who wish to participate in a positive way to join us.

As already stated, this email is about creating a Wonder Lake Library District. Please read this and pass it along to all you know, especially homeowners and voters in Wonder Lake. Also pass along the attached 17 page document whether you read it or not.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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