Speculation for Motive of Puffer Fish Poison Guy

Embedded in the Chicago Sun-Times story about the Lake in the Hills Puffer Fish Poison guy’s motives for ordering enough Tetrodotoxin or TTX to kill upwards of 200 people is this possible motivation:

“Authorities are exploring whether Bachner was targeting his wife. If she died, he could have cashed in her life insurance policy, which was for a ‘substantial amount,’ a source said.”

The information presented to the court by FBI Special Agent Mark R. Mahoney included that the woman that Edward F. Bachner, IV want to have killed was 32 years old.

Here’s the description in Bachner’s encoded email:

“Mark lives in Chicago NW suburb, works in Mount Prospect, IL. Female, 32, no firearms, combat or hand-to-hand training.”

At the time of his arrest Bachner was 35 years old. Three years ago, he would have been 32.

Anyone know how old his wife is?

Meanwhile, the Northwest Herald has started people talking about how voodoo and zombies might be involved.

Can one get a death certificate for a zombie?

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