Another Outrageous Rumor about Democrats

Last Monday, McHenry County Blog presented evidence that the Democratic Party is behind the emerald ash borer infestation entering McHenry County. You can tell by the marks the pests make when they leave the trees.

Today, we look at what the nefarious Rod Blagojevich has planned for his nemesis State Rep. Jack Franks.

Here is what a much more skillful observer than I has discovered:

“In a stunning development today Governor Rod Blagojevitch announced a plan to train rabid Illinois bats to eat West-Nile virus infected mosquitoes and then fly into Jack Franks’ office to die.

“Balgojevtich said the choice of Franks office for the state bad deathsite based on the recommendation of a bipartisan commission which he plans to appoint next month.”

No changes were made in this submission to McHenry County Blog.


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  1. This was a very helpful website about the emerald ash borer

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