Scott Summers Gets Mention in Chicago Sun-Times

16th district Green Party congressional candidate Scott Summers got mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times a week ago while I was computer and Chicago newspaper free in Joplin, Missouri.

The mention was in a story about the national convention of the Green Party, which was held in Chicago. Here’s what was said about the McHenry County College board member who changed his mind about the feasibility and advisability of building a minor league baseball stadium at McHenry County College:

“Scott Summers, a Harvard, Ill., attorney who sits on the McHenry Community College Board, rejects any suggestion that he is a “spoiler” for running against Republican U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo and Democratic challenger Robert G. Abboud in the northwest suburban and Downstate 16th Congressional District.

“‘The two major parties are bankrupt on any number of issues,’ Summers said. ‘I want a balanced budget. I’m not taking votes away from anybody.'”

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