A Father Expresses His Concern

The following is a letter that Dr. Richard W. Gorski has sent concerning his son, Sergeat Steven R. Gorski and the treatment his son is receiving at the hands of Woodstock city government:

Over one year ago Robert “coffee with the chief” Lowen filed a complaint against Sergeant Steven R. Gorski with the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners asking the Sergeant be fired. Lowen’s (tax payer) paid attorneys presented 4 1/2 months of supposed evidence ending prosecution of Sergeant Gorski on January 4, 2008…or did they?

The Sergeant’s attorney asked the Board to consider Motion for Directed Decision.

This meaning that Lowen and his city, tax payer, paid attorneys didn’t prove their complaint against the Sergeant in 4 1/2 months. The Board on February 14, 2008 granted the Motion of the Sergeant and also decided the complaint against him 3 to 0 in the Sergeant’s favor.

They ordered that “the charges against (the Sergeant) be dismissed” and that the Sergeant “be reimbursed for any wages withheld”…now almost a year’s worth of pay. The “Chief” and “appropriate corporate authorities are directed to implement this order forthwith.”

To date only litigation has been implemented by Lowen and his tax payer paid lawyers against the city’s own Board and also the Sergeant. I wonder if you still want to have “coffee with the chief”?

Very, very expensive coffee!

Richard W. Gorski

A longer explanation of the situation appears in

Woodstock Police Games

Gorski writes McHenry County Advocate.

While searching for the Woodstock Police Department, I happened upon the Woodstock, Georgia, web site. I found a place people can email complaints. What a splendid idea. McHenry County’s Woodstock has email addresses available, but does not explicitly solicit complaints.

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