Convention Center-Baseball Stadium-County Fair Update

I thought the following, sent out by the McHenry County Community Foundation, might be of interest:

McHenry County
Multi-Purpose Events Venue

Since December of 2007, meetings have taken place to bring various interest groups to the discussion table in considering all possible uses, designs, benefits and challenges associated with a multi-purpose events venue. Deliberation resulted in the idea of a site that would support the unique cultures of McHenry County by providing proper amenities to stage agricultural, recreational, education and entertainment events while promoting positive environmental practices, and the importance of our non-profits – and then bringing it all together in one location. This would support smart land use, economic resource planning, wise budget practices and would provide numerous resources with the many benefits of tourism.

A steering committee was created to provide additional channels of communications throughout the County; and a work group naturally formed with interested professionals able to move the process in a more expedited fashion. Such professionals include public and private land owners, investors, land planners, developers, business leaders and representatives from two groups that would be considered the anchors in a multi-phased development of the venue: the McHenry County Fair and McHenry County Baseball.

The process continues into summer 2008 with the highest priority being to locate land for the first phase. The McHenry County Community Foundation will continue to facilitate the process. This involves further involvement of interested parties through a thorough evaluation process and networking relatable resources. And unique to other participants, MCCF will continue to educate the County about the Foundation’s special role: the means to leverage financial support and grow investments through the creation of a legacy endowment to provide funds for the venue from creation through years of maintenance support.

Planning Team

Mike Baumstark, Cornerstone
Dick Crone, McHenry County Fair Board
Mark Ehlert, McHenry County Community Foundation
Kate Halma, McHenry County Community Foundation
EnRico Heirman, Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA)
Pete Heitman, McHenry County Baseball
Victor Narusis, McHenry County Community Foundation
Barbara Wheeler, McHenry County Board

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