Demcorats Recruiting Marchers for Algonquin Founders Day Parade, Too

Below you can read the latest email from Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Karla Dobbeck seeking volunteers to walk with the big elephant in Algonquin’s Founders Day Parade Saturday.

This morning I received a similar email from the Democrats. It’s from
Laura Asbury, the Field Director for Citizens for Cynor. Here is what it says:

“Dear Friends and Volunteers:

“I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on the current status of our involvement in the Algonquin Founders Day Parade.

“As you are aware, Citizens for Cynor was denied an opportunity to participate in this year’s Algonquin Founders Day Parade. The application denial was based upon an unwritten and previously unenforced committee rule. Furthermore, the local Democratic Party was notified that all other Democratic Candidates were prohibited from participating in this year’s Algonquin Founders Day Parade by e-mail from Chairman Alan P. Kirk (full text printed below).

“Since submitting a press release on the details of the denial there has been some position changes by Mr. Kirk. In a phone conference with Tim Kane, reporter for the Northwest Herald, Mr. Kirk attempted to clarify the language in his e-mail to the party. Mr. Kirk now takes the position that he committed a ‘typo’ when he wrote, ‘Please understand that you cannot have any candidates in the parade.’ It yet remains unclear what Mr. Kirk intended. We do, however, appreciate Mr. Kane’s efforts in trying to understand Mr. Kirk’s e-mail and subsequent retraction.

“For many years various Democratic Candidates and the local Democratic Party have enjoyed the privilege of participating in the Algonquin Founders Day Parade. The Algonquin Parade Committee is to be commended for a great job consistently putting together a grade A event. It is no wonder businesses, community groups and politicians wish to participate and everybody loves to watch. It really is an event which should not be missed.

“Accordingly, the campaign is encouraging all volunteers and interested parties to attend the parade and march with the local Democratic Party ( If you don’t already have a ‘Proud to be a McHenry County Democrat’ shirt please contact the local party prior to the parade.

“We will see you all on Saturday. Before line up, stop by and say hi to our candidate, Tom. He’ll be one of the guys with the blue, ‘Proud to be a McHenry County Democrat’ shirts on. And while you’re out at the parade please make sure to stop by and thank Republican Party Chairman, Mike Tryon, for supporting our efforts to be included in the event. If you don’t know Mike, he will be easy to spot. He’ll be wearing his brand new campaign shirt.

“Thanks for all your time, efforts and support.


“Laura Asbury, Citizens for Cynor Field Director”

One minor correction to what is stated in the email. As I pointed out Monday when McHenry County Blog broke this story, in 1992 when I was emerging from my 12 year remission from running for elective office, I was prohibited from being in the parade. While parade organizers apparently allowed McHenry County Democrats to promote candidates in 2004 and 2006, there certainly is a long-standing tradition against that practice.

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The photo, supplied by Ashbury, shows candidates wearing campaign shirts in Algonquin in 2006. She wrote me that she is “in the picture, behind one group of hundreds of balloons I assisted in blowing up that day.”

The picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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