Citizen Questioning Harvard School Board about Renting Harvard Junior High School to Mexican Consulate Discovers Tax Referendum Planned

Following up on the renting the Harvard Junior High School to the Mexican Consulate for four days a week ago, Ev and Diane Evertsen went to the Harvard School Board meeting Wednesday night.

Ev Eversen provides this introduction:

“Last night we attended our local school board meeting (the first one after they permitted the Junior High School to become a Mexican Consulate where federal laws were broken).”

Here is his wife Diane’s

Harvard School Bd. Mtg; 7/23/08

A lovely evening for a School Board meeting and a big ‘thank you’ to the other folks who showed up to participate. Seems like citizens would be a little more concerned about how this Harvard School District is spending their $18,000,000.

All in all, the meeting went as we anticipated.

Firm denial on the part of the District that they had been involved in any way with any wrong-doing.

After all, they did contact their lawyers about this lease situation and I’ll bet some expensive correspondence went back and forth over that one.

I believe the phrase was they “believed in their hearts” that they “did the right thing”; followed by a hearty nodding of heads all around the table.

Dr. (Lauri) Tobias went on to claim that she responded via email to those who had contacted her. Seems odd that I never got a response, my husband never got a response, people from Des Plaines never got a response.

Did anyone out there in D-50 get a response from Dr. Tobias? If you did NOT, please let us know.

We’d hate to think that the good Doctor is dealing with a computer system that’s sending emails out into the ozone and she’s functioning under the misbegotten impression that ALL OF US HAVE GOTTEN HER RESPONSES. (Please, let me sit down; my side just hurts like crazy from laughing!)

During my brief allotted three minutes to speak, I pointed out that this administration, which should be so concerned about the safety of our children, allowed unknown foreign nationals (basically) free reign over taxpayer property.

Interestingly enough, later on the agenda came a public safety report and the District’s policy to keep all of the doors locked all the time.

Except, of course, when students are going in or out, or you have, like, a group of foreign nationals operating on the property under the pretext of a consulate. DUH!!

Well away from the public comments portion of the Agenda, Dr. (Richard) Crosby decided to go back to my comments to claim he never denied us access to use the facilities. He claims he has no knowledge of any woman named “Janice” who came out to give us a message from him that we were not allowed in the building.

Perhaps we dreamed this up after being out in the hot sun. Perhaps it’s early onset Alzheimer’s. However shall we solve this great mystery of the unknown woman with the unauthorized message? I bet it won’t be as difficult as the mystery of the pyramids, boys and girls.

All in all, this school board has terrific meetings and I certainly encourage you to attend.

They’re so eager to serve the public properly that there’s about zero discussion of any item (the pop supplier for the coming school year seemed to be the biggy of the evening, followed by the contract for paper). Here’s how it goes:

  1. Call the Question,
  2. Second to the question,
  3. Everyone votes in accord,
  4. Move on!

It’s also special when any board member has a brief comment that they keep it soft enough so that the audience won’t be disturbed by hearing them (hopefully we can enhance the voices on the video). We also noticed they rarely look at the audience; I guess that would make the public feel included and we can’t have that.

Well, FOIA requests will flow and we’ll wait to see what the answers are.

For those of you who want to see how the citizens’ eighteen million plus dollars are spent, the monthly meetings will be held on Wednesdays from now on (or until they decide to change them to keep you on your toes).

Oh, yeah, almost forgot we saved the best for last again!

They’re planning for another referendum (emphasis added). After all, with those Matriculas come more, and more, and more . . .

Have a great day! Diane

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