What Diane Eversten Told the Harvard School Board about its Rental of Harvard Jr. High for use by the Mexical Consulate

Yesterday, readers saw Wednesday’s Harvard School Board meeting through the eyes of taxpayer Diane Evertsen.

Today we look at the three-minute presentation concerning the use of the Harvard Junior High School by the Mexican Consulate four days last weekend that Harvard’s Evertsen made to the Harvard School Board Wednesday night.

Here it is:
Harvard School Board
July 23, 2008

On July 9th I sent Certified letters and extensive supportive documentation to all School Board Members and Dr. Tobias relative to the decision to allow the Mexican Consulate to use District 50 public property.

Through your response to our FOIA request, we find that in spite of information sent to all of you and your Superintendent, you went forward with your decision and signed an agreement on July 14th.

Apparently you feel your excuse of “We rented to Castle Bank” lets you off the hook for responsibility of having a foreign government on school grounds.

Not so!

At any point, did any of you check on authorization from the State Department allowing this event to happen?

Apparently not!

Dr. Tobias chose not to respond to my Certified letter, or to my husband’s electronic mail. She did however, send a response to an individual in California. May I quote:

“There is simply no evidence that the Matricula Cards or any other service provided by the Consulate is illegal.”

Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing and we beg to differ!

Video evidence proves Illegal aliens were present on school grounds and within the Junior High Building itself.

Guess what, folks?

There’s a reason they’re called “ILLEGAL ALIENS”!

Beyond that, the Mexican government billed itself as providing “passports and Gov’t Identification offered by the Mexican Consulate of Chicago”.

So, where did they inform you they would be registering people to vote – in US elections, that is??!

One of their ‘registrars’ was pleased to offer to register any of us
to vote – I guess that would have been interesting since we had already received Dr. Crosby’s message that we were not allowed to enter the building.

Dr. Crosby was well aware of what was going on since he had been in and out of the Junior High every day the Consulate was here, and yet he failed to put a stop to it.

Dr. Crosby was well aware of the Mexican Consulate’s stated purpose, since he approved it; there was no mention of ‘voter registration’ on the application.
Moreover, foreign nationals who need foreign passports or foreign “Gov’t Identification”, may not LEGALLY vote here, and therefore there is no need for them to fill out forms from ‘THE CHICAGO BOARD OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS’.

Dwell on this for a moment:

You ALLOWED a foreign government to conduct business on public property.
You, who should be so concerned about the safety of the
Children of District 50, allowed foreign nationals free access
To our property, while American citizens were denied access


As a side note, isn’t it interesting that Castle Bank was distributing flyers about use of taxpayer property prior to approval of their application – ACTUALLY, EVEN

Why don’t you take a few minutes to tell the people here how that works? I’d also like to know if even one of you questioned why here, why now, and why Castle Bank didn’t want this going on on their own property?

Anybody need a clue?

Your lack of common sense is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and not one of you is competent to serve American citizens!

Note the facial expressions when Diane starts to speak. Also note the position of the arms of the people watching – one lady taking notes.
Only one male has his hands together under his chin but he does that a lot, it appears to be a habit. The guy fourth from the left tries to stay hidden behind his cohorts.

Now as Diane progresses, more people with their hands to their chin or close to their faces.

This picture was taken after public comments when Mr. Crosby decided to address Diane about her comments. Note the position of the hands and the
fourth guy from the right now appears to be very interested in his papers. Need to review the video for his exact words.

Note the bottled water. Is Harvard city water not drinkable?

Instead of buying wrought iron fencing to install around the parking lot, they could have bought a better flag.

I have not checked to see if the wrought iron was donated but even if it was they should have asked for a better flag instead.

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