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It was all in Spanish when it appeared on my computer screen.

It was an article about Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and discussion at the city council about holding property owners responsible for what their renters do.

Published July 7th, it took until this weekend to reach my house through the magic of the Google search engine.

Mark Shuman, labeled a “Colaborador” of the Chicago Tribune, apparently wrote the story.

Here’s what my translator and former legislative assistant Pete Castillo found:

“…the Police could designate a property as a place of ‘chronic disturbances to Public Order,’ if Police agents have been called to that address at least 3-times in 3-months, and complaints such as disturbing the peace, games of hazardous conditions or illegal possession of drugs. Throwing trash on the streets could be subject to a City Judicial Citation under the proposed ordinance as well.“

$1,000 fine and apparently the tenants could be kicked out.

Police Chief David Lindner said that Algonquin, Elgin, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, and Round Lake Beach already have such ordinances.

Shepley expressed support, if it was found to be constitutional.

Reaction on the council was generally favorable, the article reports.

Defending the rights of property owners was Councilman Ralph Dawson:

“Council member, Ralph Dawson said the measure would serve transfer undesireable activities in a new direction. ‘It disgusting to me,’ said Dawson, about holding property owners responsible for the actions of others. ‘I am crossing a line which I believe I should not be crossing.’”

So, would I be out of line to suggest that the folks that the Crystal Lake Police Chief is having problems with are renters who speak Spanish?

It reminds me of what I heard a teen group from the Spanish speaking Methodist Church in Elgin told their pastor after they had canvassed the apartment complex across from the old Crystal Lake Police Station.

“Why did you send us into a slum, Pastor?” one asked.

The kids found 23 men in one apartment, prostitution, drugs. If it was illegal, it was there…right across from the police station.

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The photo of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley was taken at Saturday’s Grand Opening of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee Headquarters on Route 14 across from Target (where Pauly Toyota used to be). Shepley has been named by McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon as Vice Chairman of Community Outreach.

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A reader writes about his town where a similar law might be used to help him cope with his next door neighbor:

“white trash, living, unfettered to sell drugs, and commit felonys right next door to me.. to a point where I had to move my family out for the summer…and law enforcement does nothing.”

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