Message of the Day – A Car Sticker

I headed up to Camp Lakota northwest of Woodstock to be a Cub Scout den parent for summer day camp yesterday, but couldn’t find mosquito repellent before I left Crystal Lake.

Fortunately, Blaine’s Farm & Fleet still had some in its “Seasonal” section.

Checking out, I was behind two concrete guys, who got into a black pickup truck with this sticker on the back window:

welcome to America
now speak English!!

The repellent?

I discovered my 11-year old wisely put it in his backpack.


Message of the Day – A Car Sticker — 2 Comments

  1. What a testament to you both! Neither you, Cal, nor the bumper sticker manufacturer are adept at writing in English: “Welcome (capitalize the first word of a sentence) to America (capitalize the first letter of a proper name – and it’s ‘America’ not ‘American’); (be sure to add a semicolon to separate the clauses) now speak English (capitalize ‘English’). (period at the end of a sentence)


  2. Last time I checked, America was the name of a large continent, present in both hemispheres of the planet Earth, and people talked many different languages in the many countries in it.

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