Dick Durbin Challenger Steve Sauerberg Seeks Volunteers

Former Crystal Lake precinct committeeman Jim Thompson is trying to recruit assistance for the Steve Sauerberg for United States Senate campaign. Sauerberg is challenging the number two Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Dick Durbin.

He sent out the following email:



Hello. I was a precinct committeeman for 10 years for Algonquin 26 (north and east of Coventry school). Now I am volunteering with the Steve Sauerberg campaign for US Senate.

This is an unusual election. We have statewide infighting among Democrats and a controversial Democratic presidential candidate. But one would get the impression from our news media that there is only discontent with Bush and the Republicans. I believe this is not so. There is evidence that people are aware of the contrast in platform and character between John McCain and the likely Democratic nominee. People must be aware of the problems with our state Democratic government.

Thus I believe this is actually an opportune time for Republicans to win, if we work hard and early. Steve Sauerberg has not gotten the publicity he deserves. If he does I think he can be swept along by coattails of a Republican trend as well as his own character and competence.

To this end, I believe we should work proactively NOW, before the GOP convention. He has brochures, signs and bumper stickers at our new McHenry County GOP election headquarters at 5501 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake IL 60014 (on the south side of the street opposite Barnes and Noble book store. I do work there and can get some for you.

So how about it? Do you want a bumper sticker for your car? Do you have acquaintances who might want one? If people want to know more about him, we have brochures. Or refer them to the website www.sauerberg2008.com. (Signs do not go up for awhile.)

We need to get the word out NOW. So what can I get you? I can personally deliver or mail you what you need. And by the way, do you want a McCain sticker also?

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