McHenry County Fair Republicans

Yesterday, I wrote about the double-wide Democratic Party booth at the McHenry County Fair. Because I found more candidates there than at the Republican booth, I did a story on the Dems first.

Today, it’s the Republicans turn.

The only candidates I saw were McHenry County Coroner Marlene Lantz and McHenry County Board member Mary Donner.

They were behind the table of literature with McHenry Township Precinct Committeeman and Elementary School District 15 School Board member John O’Neill.

Standing in front of the table helping interest some grade school students was McHenry County Board member Dan Shea. The former Fox River Grove Village President is retiring this year.

After visiting with the Libertarians and the Democrats, I circled back to see if any other candidates were at the GOP booth, but there weren’t.

O’Neill was still there with McHenry Township Precinct Committee Joyce Story and Steve Greenberg staffer Dwight Roberts. Crystal Lake Precinct Committeeman Tom McDermott was just leaving, but he agreed to be in the picture.

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