Libertarian Party Mans Booth at County Fair

The third party to have a booth at the McHenry County Fair was the Libertarian Party.

Members of both power parties were courting those staffing the booth.

It has no local candidates on the ballot, but its presidential candidate and Larry Stafford, its candidate for U.S. Senate, will be on the fall ballot. Although the latter visited the fair on Saturday at noon, I guess no one took a photo. At least no one sent it to me.

Greeting me was Jim Young, the man who gave the Libertarian Party “established party” status in 2002 by winning more than 5% of the vote for state representative. In fact, he got 11%.

Also at the booth was the new chairman of the McHenry County Libertarians, Mike Brady.

Rounding off the crew was Bill Baruth, who ran for McHenry County Board from Crystal Lake in 2004.

Pointing to the row of pennies in which people could express their level of trust of government, Young told me that the money has been shifting toward the don’t trust government side of the table.

You will not that the trust government ”ALWAYS” bottle only has two cents in it.

This year’s penny poll did not seem to attract as much attention as the one run by McHenry County Democrats last year.

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In the shot of the booth, Jim Young is in the foreground, Bill Baruth sits in the background and Mike Brady is sitting to the left. All photos may be enlarged by clicking on them. The photo on top is of a garden tractor pulling something heavy. I watched a couple. Not all made it across the finish line.

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