Questions for the Conservation District

Considering that both Hebron-area big pot field busts took place on McHenry County Conservation District properties, I asked the MCCD the following questions to Exec Elizabeth Kessler:

Would you please provide me with an electronic map of the district’s two land holdings? (Above you can see the sites in the Hebron area. Below are the district’s purchases in the whole county. Click to enlarge the images.)

If I read the articles about the pot busts correctly, both of the Hebron-area pot farms on MCCD property. Is that correct?

On a satellite map of the Hebron area, please identify the property or properties in question.

Do you routinely do fly-overs to see if your land is being used for such purposes?

If not, why not?

If not, will you start doing so?

Kessler was gone, so John Kremer replied. Here is part of what he sent:

Executive Director Kessler is out of the office until August 11. I am answering on her behalf.

Regarding the electronic version of a map of the Conservation District Lands, Anne Basten will be sending you a FOIA request form so you can request that information.

Secondly, regarding your questions about the recent articles pertaining to the marijuana bust reported in the newspapers, the Conservation District is not commenting because this is part of an on going investigation being conducted by the Sheriff’s Department and they are handling the release of all information pertaining to this case.

Finally, regarding your question about fly overs, the District provides enforcement on all of the District lands. We use every means we have available to us within the limits of our resources to proactively curtail infractions of the law while providing a safe and enjoyable place for people to recreate. The District will continue with this approach.

My policy questions about flyovers—past and future–seem to have little to do with the specific investigations. Maybe someone will attend a MCCD board meeting and ask them in public.

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For some reason, when I was copying the countwide map that was Anne Basten so kindly emailed me, the roads didn’t take except in the southern part of the county. I think looking at the map without the roads provides less distraction anyway.

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