Monday Edition Canceled

The months ago, I had some fun with the Northwest Herald by announcing that it was going to go paperless.

That article came during the month that the NW Herald had a green theme.

One does not have to be a media analyst to notice that newspapers are shrinking. You will notice, for example, that the NW Herald no long has a local section on Monday’s. Neither does the Chicago Tribune.

Well, the next step seems to be happening.

Bill Dennis, who writes “Peoria Pundit,” has a story about a Gatehouse Newspaper in McPherson, Kansas, dropping its Monday paper.

You see,

“Newspaper publishing companies are not only feeling the rising cost of fuel, from paper delivery, but have also been forced to deal with a 30 percent increase in the cost of newsprint over the past year,” Managing Editor Katie Stockstill writes.

Not a lot of news on Sunday and people tend to shop in the latter part of the week, not Monday, I guess.

Oh, yes. The McPherson Sentinel is going to update its web site for Monday.

Circulation is 6,100. It appears to be a free publication primarily for military families.

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