McHenry County Mud Puddle – Part 2 – The Funeral Home Dave Bachmann Started

In the first Mud Puddle article, I outlined some ancient history from my 1966 campaign for McHenry County Treasurer. In the primary election, my Republican opponents’ supporters hinted not to subtly that I was a homosexual.

Recently, a most efficient way of spreading negative political comments is the comment board under Northwest Herald articles and letters.

The Crystal Lake paper is a relative newcomer to handling anonymous commentary.

It has not learned the lesson that led Elgin’s Daily Courier News to ban anonymous political call-ins which, in its case, were transcribed and printed on the editorial page.

The Courier News decided that people wanting to praise or bad mouth a candidate had to write a letter to the editor.

Now, I know adopting a similar policy at the Northwest Herald would cost it internet “hits.”

But it would help McHenry County return to relative civility in political campaigns which has been lacking since

A supporter of Marlene Lantz, McHenry County Republican Party candidate for and incumbent McHenry County Coroner, calling herself “EllenM” on the Northwest Herald comment board left the following comments under a letter supporting Lantz’ Democratic Party opponent Dave Bachmann.

“Here is what ‘EllenM’ said about me, Bachmann emailed me:

“ellenm wrote on Jul 21, 2008 9:11 AM:

“I suspect there is a non-compete scenario with Bachmann Skaja. That could explain why David is out of a job and looking to the County to support him. Three pieces of silver to sell the family practice. Was it all worth it?”

Bachmann’s reply, when I asked him about it:

“My son wrote this, after I told him to….

bufordpusser wrote on Jul 21, 2008 9:33 AM:

“…you can call Jim Skaja, there was a 5 year non compete agreement, expired in 1996. Daves dad never owned any part of daves funeral home. These are the facts. keep it coming.”


McHenry County Mud Puddle – Part 2 – The Funeral Home Dave Bachmann Started — 11 Comments

  1. Cal,

    You entirely miss the significance of the Bachmann “Bufford Pusser” rant in the NWH. It wasn’t the posted comments of a few people out to get David aka “Bufford Pusser” that is so distrubing; it is the posted comments of David himself. The man goes on and on and on and on in what appears to be either drug induced ramblings or paranoid/bi-polar tinged mania. At one point in the hundreds of self posted comments, David claims to be “a good friend”, “his son”, “his Father” and finally at times “himself”. The only problem is David is clearly all of the above. Don’t take my word for it… Just go to the NWH website and look at the letter to the editor written by Tom Popovich and review all the comments… then draw your own conclusions about Mr. Bufford Pusser. This is, of course, all relevant when we are trying to determine whether or not someone is fit for public office… Which it appears, from David’s own rants, that he is not. Tom Popovich and Lou Bianchi really should have done their homework on this one before they decided to push David on the unsuspecting voters of McHenry County.

  2. As some might already be aware, I am being “stalked” by “John. If you go back a few days to Cals blog story about Bachmann finding out who his friends are, you will see more truth.

    Tomorrow, Sunday, come back for a BOMB SHELL article by Mr. Skinner.

    IM going to copy what “John Posted last night, after Cal told him his comments are.. well here, take a look.

    I refuse to allow my candidacy to be smeared by false accusations. We will face each and everyone of them head on as we are now proving.

    Cal Skinner said…
    John – Your comment about meds comes real close to being the type of comments I am not going to allow to be posted on McHenry County Blog.

    This is not going to become another place where anonymous posters can libel candidates.

    4:45 PM

    John said…

    All kidding aside, David has not been working for some time (many believe he is on disability, but he won’t confirm or deny), has been mysteriously out of the country for long stretches of time, has at times posted some extremely unusual comments about highly suspect activities and refuses to disclose the nature of his “invesitgative” associations with law enforcement in foreign jurisdictions. Certainly you would agree that when someone chooses to run for PUBLIC office that these issues are “fair game”, and certainly something the voting PUBLIC would be not only be interested in knowing but should be entitled to learn. Regardless, truth is an absolute defense to libel.

    10:29 PM

    David J. Bachmann said…
    John Wrote: All kidding aside, David has not been working for some time (many believe he is on disability, but he won’t confirm or deny),

    Dave Asks: “John”, Please provide the truth. I’d like you to state the dates, to be exact. We are talking about “libel” here as you stated. To avoid this problem, I respectfully ask you to provide specific dates. Years, Months, time frames you are referring to please. So we have your record of accounting for your “defense” of “truth”.

    John writes: many believe he is on disability, but he won’t confirm or deny),

    Dave asks, again in the context of a “truth” defense. Please be specific. “Who” believes this. We need names of your “truth”.

    John writes: many believe he is on disability, but he won’t confirm or deny),

    Dave Asks: Is John making the assertion that Americans with Disabilities, CAN NEVER WORK? or Would John believe that it is “honorable” for any Disabled American to have the courage, and fortitude, to pull his or herself up and over come their challenges. Many “Disabled” Americans John, are still considered “Valuable Citizens”.

    We now have thousands of our young men and women who are serving our country, overseas, coming home “Disabled”.

    My assumption based on your statement is that you believe they, along with any other Disabled Americans, should just stay home and watch television, and not be seen by people such as yourself who obviously do not value or can even imagine what it takes to recover from potentially life altering and or threatening injury or illness.

    THEN, to have the courage and strength, to go back to work. To restart their lives from the depth of suffering you obviously have yet to experience in life. Thus, you spend time on a computer box, concerning yourself with the Lives of others.

    I’m speechless as to your mind set “John”.

    John Wrote: David has been mysteriously out of the country for long stretches of time, has at times posted some extremely unusual comments about highly suspect activities and refuses to disclose the nature of his “invesitgative” associations with law enforcement in foreign jurisdictions

    Dave Asks: John, please provide the names of the “Foreign Jurisdictions” (Plural). Again, in your “defense” theory. I want you to be exact please. Also, please name the “law enforcement” agencies in these “foreign Jurisdictions”?

    John Wrote: Certainly you would agree that when someone chooses to run for PUBLIC office that these issues are “fair game”, and certainly something the voting PUBLIC would be not only be interested in knowing but should be entitled to learn. Regardless, truth is an absolute defense to libel.

    Dave Writes: I have provided a “Live” taped interview. This interview states “Exactly” what I had done. M blog also states my previous work history. I have a beautiful large red brick building on HWY 14 with my name plastered on it to show just one of my accomplishments John. Would you please tell me where your “Accomplishment” can be viewed.

    Dave Writes:The Public has a right to know that ANY AMERICAN, has the right to run for PUBLIC office… Yes John, even an American who has disability’s. I won’t take my time going into the ADA… or Employment Laws with you John.

    John Wrote: I have been “Mysteriously” out of the country for “Long Stretches of Time”. Again, for your Libel defense: Please provide me with the exact dates and time frames?

    John Wrote: comments about highly suspect activities

    Dave Asks: John, what is “highly suspect” please. Be specific.

    I cannot answer to all your “Generalities” and “Fishing Expedition” bases statements:

    Let’s be clear on your “Libel Defense” Theory.

    Libel and or Slander, can only be used as a “defense” if the person making such statements, “CAN PROVE THEIR ASSERTIONS”.

    Thus, I am asking for the “exact” information as requested above.

    The other, “personal statements” you have made about me, are in fact “Libelous” John, tell me about “Acid Trips” please? Tell me about my use of “Embalming Fluids” that would make me non-lucid as you intimate.

    What is your “defense” to these statements. Exactly what narcotic drugs do I take, that would lend to your “absolute defense”. I need the names of the drugs please?

    John I ask you this: If Ms. Lantz, while in office, became seriously ill, or was ever injured, would you go to the county board and demand she be replaced, not allowing her any chance to recover and return to her work?

    As far as my qualifications to run for the office of Coroner? I have been “Over Qualified” for this office, since I was 23 years old. John, if you so desired, you could run for coroner. So could any other AMERICAN, who is “qualified” under the law. ie: no criminal record.

    Many downstate shoe store owners, jewelery story owners, funeral home owners, chiropractors, and so forth, are coroners.

    If you believe the coroners office is all about “CSI”, you need to go to my blog page, and find the truth about the office. I provide all kind of evidence there as well to back up my words. Also visit,

    I look forward to your providing me with the answers as asked above, so that your “defense” is properly protected. You already have my email address.

    Today, we provided MORE truth from the attacks your seemingly enjoying from the NW Herald comment section.

    Tomorrow, Sunday, on Mr. Skinners blog, YOU WILL SEE MORE TRUTH… you can ALL add this to your “libel” situation that will be forth coming.

    I have nothing further to add, “John”….Its up to you, to provide your “Defense’s” now…I’m sorry, “Absolute Defenses”…

    PS: I wonder how Sen Kennedy, Sen Arlene Spector, feel about your thoughts on people working through illnesses? I wonder how JFK would feel about your statements of working thru severe pain, and serving as President of the United States while taking pain medications for his back injury?

    I wonder how Tony Snow’s family would feel about you John. His strength and courage needs no further explaination, nor does mine.

    To be clear, I TAKE ZERO narcotic pain medications JOHN… I am getting a letter from my physician to prove this as well…to be even further clear, I AM NOT SUFFERING FROM CANCER….. this will serve as MY position as Plaintiff.

    As I said, view Cal’s blog tomorrow, Sunday… for more truth…

    I can take this as far as you want to go John.

    Oh.. on the AirForce One Comment about the little torn piece on the bottom rt of photo.. You stated, It, “the photo” comes from a “Flee Market”

    Truth: These photos, along with others, had been taken in Nov. of 1991 If I recall correctly.. I took these photos”. I then had them developed, and in Jan of 1992, place them in my Family Photo Album. Which, has “glue on the bottom of the page and a “clear sticky film” to go over the photos’. We have all seen these photos albums. After nearly 16 years of these photos being “stuck” in my album, I removed the photos to scan and send to Cal, to share with his readers.
    Again, more lies writen without the cover of a “libel defense”.

    Also John: Send me your email address, I have some rather disturbing photo’s i will send you.. they are a bit “graphic” for Mr. Skinners blog… You can add these photos to what you will see tomorrow on Mr. Skinners BLog.
    I also invite you to work out with me anytime.. bring your running shoes, and weights….

    7:39 AM

  3. JOhn now hits Mr. Popovich and Lou Bianchi, and again, myself.

    Truth: I David Bachmann NEVER MET, Lou Bianchi in my life PRIOR to the very instant I walked into the ProLife Pig Roast. I filed and ran in the Primary on my own… The DEM party helped me secure some signatures. I met Mr. Bianchi for the first time as we stepped out of our cars at the Ressurection Center.

    As far as Mr. Popovich: He must have seen all of Cals writings about me to form his professional opinion. I David J. Bachmann have NEVER even met Mr. Popovich. I would not know who he was if he at this moment walked into my home.

    They have played NO part in my campaign. Not one dime have I asked for from these men, nor have I ever received one dime from these men.

    Now John states, I am BI-Polar?

    John, I hope you have the best attorney in the Nation. Now your going to have 3 of us after your for “Libel”… Keep digging John…

  4. More Again from “John”

    Aug 5th, I received this email from John..

    fun stuffTuesday, August 5, 2008 7:43 PM
    From: “John Bulford”

    “John” made up a “cute email address, as ” I SPY A FIB”

    The body of his email was this: He copied a portion of a letter he states I wrote. HE ALTERED the letter, then THREATENED me, by telling me he was starting a “New Blog” and was going to place on his blog, lies, that I, while attending the ProLife Pig Roast, “got up in his face, was wildly waving my arms all over the place, demanding to give a speech.

    Cal Skinner was there. I will ask Cal to please post his take on what he Witnessed to be truth..

    John again, has libeled himself, has “threatened me with BlackMail and Extortion…

    He stated, that not only was he going to put all this false information on a “New Blog Sight”.. he was also going to Place comments from those who atteneded the Pig roast, who also “laughed at me”…

    AND, he is going to send the “Altered Document” out in a “Mass Emailing”

    I will tell you, that after my speech, I was embraced by, MANY people.. Irregarless of Party Affiliation. They were kind, warm, fair minded thinking men and women..

    SO now, John has slandered me, writen libelous statements about Lou Bianchi our States Attorney, Tom Popovich, and myself.

    Im going to provide the above listed IP address to the FBI on Monday…

    “John” I think we are now ALL seeing the entire picture here…

    Go to your bible, and read about Jealousy..

    As my guide in this campaign, I read, NEHEMIAH Chapter 4 1-23 “Opposition Through Ridicule.”

    With what I have lived thru John, of which part of you will see tomorrow on this blog, I have “teflon” regarding you.

    There will now be NO further communications trying to stop you. your in to far to save at this point John.

  5. Mr.Bachman,

    With all due respect, you are running for public office and asking for our vote and are refusing to answer very basic questions about your biography. Your defense comes off a little odd when you ask those with the questions to prove what you were or weren’t doing doing the past years instead of just answering. If you are asking us to hire you for such an important position how about we start by filling out the part of the application that lists your employment history and a simple explanation of any gaps. It seems like a simple request that even a high schooler taking a summer job would be required to do. Your refusal to do so is adding more to speculation than any implied conspiracy theory.

    I have read you say you have extensive investigative experience with many law enforcement agencies and your security clearance to have “unprotected access” to Air Force One while “on the job” that sounds very relavent to the position you seek so please share with the community the positions held incuding those you refer to in these statements.

  6. Cal,
    As you are working this story can you confirm something about the “Bufford Pusser” comments in the Northwest Herald? Pusser claimed to be several people during his/her rantings. Has Dave confirmed this is his username and if so who all has access/permission to post as him? If his defense is that several people had access to his computer and we have to take his word for the many people posting under his username how does that remain consistent with his claims he knows who other posters are?

  7. To be further clear for the record: Regarding Mr. Popovich.

    Although we have yet to meet, I thank him for having the courage to take a stand and voicing HIS beliefs.

    My Campaign is CLEARLY laid out.. along with evidence of ALL my claims.

    Thus, after obviously reviewing ALL the materials I have provided..This very intelligent attorney, saw my case… After 28 years in office, HOW in the world could a sitting coroner MISS, ALL THOSE DEATHS?????????

    The real question is: While making in the neighborhood of 2 million dollars plus, including a pension and insurance, at tax payers expense, WHERE HAS LANTZ BEEN while on the TAX PAYERS PAYROLL..

    I as a private citizen all these years, could have spent the last 15 years laying on a COST taxpayers nothing..

    I have a completed education, a comleted resume, I have a documented history of service in McHenry County. My resume does NOT include, ALLOWING PEOPLE TO DIE WHILE IN OFFICE…

    If the last thing I ever did was sell my funeral home, and lay upon a beach since, I STILL would be over qualified to be coroner as statute provides… READ THE LAW on WHAT a CORONER really is.

    My statements of a positive feeling towards Mr. Bianchi stand firm. Although we never met prior to the pig roast, I watched him one evening while attending a NUNDA township meeting dinner held for Candidates.

    He impressed me by the way he held his head high…IN a very ugly race…

    Now, it appears, the Coroners race is going to spill over towards me, as repayment to Ms. Lantz for supporting Dan. I have no problems with Dan Regna. I dont know the man. I shook his hand at the dinner. It was a heck of a battle.

    But to be clear. You can line up all the people you want against me to personally attack me, and my family as was done in the Herald..

    As Ive stated. Im not budging off my positions as already outlined as all are well documented. Its called Integrity and Conviction…

    Try it sometime! I’ve seen this garbage since I can remember around here.I even worked at the age of 12, stuffing envelopes for Jack Schaffer..a young volunteer when he had his little office on Walkup, the little old house…

  8. You could have just said the voters don’t deserve to have you full job history. I’m sorry if I want to know what a potential Law Enforcement leader has done for the past 15 years. If you feel it is irrevelant that is your right. I as a voter feel I have a right to know the job history before I vote for someone who will lead major criminal investigations.

  9. Dave,
    As long as your speaking of the State’s Attorneys race, can you share who you are supporting or who you think would do a better job of the two current candidates?

  10. Dave,
    I am a bit confused you say in these comments:
    “I as a private citizen all these years, could have spent the last 15 years laying on a COST taxpayers nothing.”

    and then on your blog:
    “In the period of April 1994, through present day, the body of my work has been broadly utilized by numerous attorney’s. Additionally, law enforcement agencies, State and Federal Governmental Law Enforcement bodies, including United States Attorney’s. I cannot and will not go into further details.”

    So if I understand your claims you say all that work did not cost the taxpayer a dime. However, I still think such experience is very relevant to the position you are running for and as voters we deserve to know what position you held that these claims come from.

    Additionally, if this work with these law enforcement agencies started in 1994 and you claim about the pictures of Air Force One on your site “Without Security Clearances, NOBODY, has this “UnProtected” Access. This is from Dave’s Personal Photo File as taken on the Job.” which you say at this site were taken in November 1991 then what “job” were these taken on at that time.

    One last question I have seen video and in writing of you stating you have been a licensed Funeral director for 30 years which would be since 1978 which sounds very impressive. This would be the year you graduated high school and the year of which you had written “My first introduction to Forensic Investigations was on Christmas Eve, 1978 at the home of Serial Mass Murderer John Wayne Gacy.”. Yet the state of Illinois online database shows your license starting 4 years later on 04/27/1982.

    I’m sure if you just post your relevant job history much of this would be cleared up, but you have to admit your refusal to do so ends up leaving doubt when your various statements seem to contradict each other.

  11. Looks like comments are not allowed on the latest post about Bachmann, so posting the comment here.

    There’s an old saying about politicians running for office.

    ” If you don’t have anything to sell, you pick a fight. ”

    Best case in point, Bachmann.
    He has NOTHING to sell.
    So he’s trying to pick a fight.
    He’s shadow boxing with himself.
    He claims to be over qualified, but has NOTHING to prove it.

    Bachmann is Out of Touch.
    Out of Touch with the truth, Out of Touch with reality.

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