Message of the Day – A Sign

This trailer was near where we parked at the Decatur Convention Center when we attended the Illinois Republican Convention.

It was there even though John McCain had sewed up the nomination.

Some Ron Paul supporters—the Republicans who showed the most enthusiasm during the primary campaigns—actually ran for precinct committeeman as well as working for their candidate.

These small government folks could provide interesting leavening for the GOP in the future.

Meanwhile, other Libertarian-minded folks have formed a McHenry County Libertarian Party. It will hold its regular monthly meeting August 14th at 7 PM at Vaughn’s Family Restaurant in Woodstock.  790 S Eastwood Drive in Woodstock, according to Dave Brady.

“The purpose of this meetup is to bring together Libertarians or people interested in libertarian ideas in McHenry County. This first meeting is more geared towards getting to know each other and find out what people are interested in. Come bring your enthusiasm for politics and your community!”

, according to Brady’s email.

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