Message of the Day – A Sign

This sign stands in front of Crystal Lake City Hall’s front door.

It is an invitation to any mother with a newborn that she can leave her child at city hall without any criminal penalties.

The program was advanced by pro-abortion women in the Illinois General Assembly.

It is a good example of the “shield” approach to contentious subjects.

If you support gun rights, you advocate strong penalties for violation of gun laws.

If you support abortion, you emphasize your support of adoption. Maybe you introduce a bill to provide a state subsidy.

Or, maybe you introduce a bill that will require the posting of “Safe Haven” signs.

You can say that you don’t want unwanted babies tossed in dumpsters, that you are providing a way for them to be put up for adoption.

Of course, you don’t mention that you support abortion.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 1 Comment

  1. You’re right. And when you’re “Anti-choice,” you don’t say that you have the obligation to mandate what is done inside a stranger’s body…

    It goes both ways, right Cal?

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