“Quid pro quo”

It’s Latin.

“This for that.”

And that was the message of Huntley School Board President Shawn Green on behalf of the Huntley School Board after it came out of a half hour secret session at the beginning of the 6 PM meeting.

Green seemed to be saying if the Huntley teachers’ union wanted to give up some benefit in the offer made by the board, the board would be willing to exchange that with another benefit.

Former school superintendent and chief negotiator of teacher contracts in the Joliet area and now local taxpayer Don Bonds said he was satisfied with that message.

Bond reviewed the original union request, saying he had counted fifty items that would cost more money.

“Mr. Green, you put (my heart at ease) when you said ‘quid pro quo,’ this for that.

“I want the board to hold the line,” he concluded, adding, “I think you were overly generous.”

Before Bond spoke, teachers John and Laura Brummer took the podium during the public comment period.

I was taking their photo, so didn’t get their words, but it was to the effect that they liked teaching in the district and looked forward to continuing to do so.

Both wore tee shirts that said,

Speaks for me

Last up was local retired United Airlines pilot Tom Conley.

Seemingly trying to intimidate the board, he used the union scare word “scab” several times and said, “You’re treading on thin ice…I hope you have a professional negotiator. If not, you’re (in deep water).”

As the teachers who had left the road leading to the District 158 administrative building to attend the meeting were leaving the room, I heard several saying they would be on Route 47 tomorrow.

Today, Friday, was supposed to be the first day of school.

= = = = =
When the strike comes, the two signs printed by the state union, the Illinois Education Association, can be seen on top of this article. Having no mention of the “H.E.A.,” they obviously were not printed up especially for the Huntley Education Association.

The three young women were among others standing along the road to the district’s administration building Thursday night before the board meeting.

Here is what the Huntley teachers now say they want.

You can see my quick skim of what it contains here. Both stories were posted yesterday afternoon.

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