Message of the Day – Reflections

It was between 5 and 6 last Wednesday afternoon.

My wife and two of her girl friends were discussing chick books, ones about the stories quilts tell, which one’s cousin had just gotten published, murder solving clubs, stuff like that.

I joked that they should write a book about women getting together on a pontoon boat to solve murders.

Now that I think about it, maybe it would be my murder they would solve.

Maybe they would commit it (after all, I was misbehaving).

Anyway, I’m looking at the late afternoon sun reflecting off Crystal Lake, taking photos of and past the women.

That’s when I looked down beneath the neighboring dock at CCAPOA’s Gate 7 Beach dock.

Above, you see what I saw.

I think it’s the bungee cord that was found wrapped around my neck…in the forthcoming book, of course.

Think I will get a photo credit if they use this picture on the cover?

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