Dems Soften on Abortion

Well, not that you can notice in the legislative arena.

But, the platform is being modified a bit.

And, although I don’t follow national politics closely, I heard that the pro-life son of former Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey, a pro-lifer who was not allowed to address the 1992 national Democratic Party convention, is going to be permitted to speak this year.

Locally, we have McHenry County Democratic Party coroner candidate Dave Bachmann, who has made no secret of his pro-life views, even showing up at the pro-life political action committee’s pig roast.

It must have been intimidating to see the McHenry County Republican Party’s elephant float and all the GOP signs out front of Resurrection Center.

And former Republican Dundee Township Republican Central Committee Chairman and GOP Kane County Board member is running as a pro-life Democrat for circuit court judge.

So far, there seems to be a semblance of tolerance for both among local abortion supporting Democrats.

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