Elizabeth Robinson and Rui Campos Wedding

I love weddings.

Maybe because it took three for me to get it right and I realize how tough it is to make a marriage work.

I remember at my 25th Crystal Lake Community High School reunion in 1985. I was sitting at the “divorce table,“ having qualified twice.

Next to Sharon Held, I think. She introduced herself with the needlessly self-deprecating, “Hi. I’m Sharon Held. I used to be an airhead cheerleader. Now I’m a Lt. Commander in the Navy.”

We had a marvelous conversation about how she had followed in her father’s Navy footsteps after getting divorced and how she was then the oldest Lt. Commander in the Navy.

A couple who were inseparable in high school came around the tables asking for autographs for their the 1960 yearbook which, to this day, Jeff Jones’ colorful cover makes stand out in any line of yearbooks. I think they had been married longer than anyone else in our class. I wrote something about their being one of the first in our class to figure out what life was really all about. They were the important ones in our class, even through they didn’t think so.

But, back to last Saturday. The bride was my brother-in-law’s twin sister’s daughter. I hadn’t seen her since her father’s primary election day funeral. That day Elizabeth Robinson was not radiant.

Last Saturday as she posed and danced with Rui Campos, the man she had married in the Dominican Republic, Elizabeth was radiant. You can see how radiant in this posed photo which I used Saturday in a piece about advice to the groom how to stay married and this first wedding reception dance that appeared Monday.

There were the toasts, of course.

On the right you see the groom’s brother Jo.

The bride’s “Best Buddy” Ian Dougherty made the next one, but, since I have a marvelous photo of him from later in the wedding, I’ll let you see him then.

Then, Elizabeth’s Illinois friend Crystal Lake’s Julia Sobieski, a friendship that has lasted through thick and thin times, led in the lifting of glasses.

I didn’t get any good pictures of the wedding couple toasting as I did of her Aunt Mary Pat Mercer’s to high school admirer Bill Bear at the same location last year.

Then, there were the introductions of family.

Our house guests and proprietor of Joplin’s Six-Star Hotel Desmond did the honors for Elizabeth’s side of the family.

Rui’s “favorite niece” Brianna Campos introduced the gathering to Rue’s East Coast relatives.

I wonder if the “favorite niece” line is a running joke similar to Tommy Smothers’ line, “Mom always like you best!”

I know my sisters and I always use a variation when the three of us are together.

Beth’s Uncle Tom Desmond, from Bloomington, gave the invocation. Tom is Elizabeth’s Godfather.

Not off the cuff, he pointed out to the crowd as he unfolded it, but devised over a half an hour he told us later at our shared table.

The next photos are of the couple cutting the cake and that delicious custom of feeding each other a piece.

At least that is what happened at this wedding.

No smash mouth requiring a complete makeover of the bride and revealing hidden hostility.

Just playful mugging by Rui.

Regular readers and targets of my camera know that I’m not big on posed shots. But, when my wife spotted groom Rui talking to his father Lourenco Campos, a posed photo was no option.

Well, if you’re going to do a wedding story, you ought to have pictures of the bride and groom’s parents, right?

Then, there was the traditional father-daughter dance.

As I wrote on Monday in my crown of roses story, because of Elizabeth’s father Phil’s untimely death, Uncle Terry Desmond stepped in for Phil. That was appropriate because Terry is the same age as Phil and they “just have that connection,” a trusted source advises.

Then, it was time for the mother-son dance.

It’s pretty obvious from this photograph that this son is loved.

Let the party begin.

First was the Electric Slide with my bride the leader of the pack of women and one man who perceptively asked afterward,

“Where else can you be alone with a bunch of women on a dance floor?”

Is my wife a leader or what?

And, are these Desmonds party animals?


“Best Buddy” toaster Ian Dougherty got this big smile out of Elizabeth’s mother Diane on the dance floor. Diane was the party planner, too.

Groom Rui partied it up on the dance floor.

A song that encouraged pointing.

And dancing in a ring.

Lots of gesturing.

It looks as if Rui will fit right in with the Dancing Desmonds.

Someone will tell me the name of the song and group.

I’ll add it later.The last Desmond bride, Mary Pat, got hugged by her daughter Meagan.

Never can what your kids will do.

And, the bride and groom got out on the dance floor.

Rui was really getting down.

Elizabeth was not about to be outdone.

You can’t tell, but her picture was taken after his.

If you want the tail feathers photo, you’ll have to ask to see my private collection.

Did I mention that the Desmond family likes to dance?

Then, the “We Are Family” dancing began.

Sister Sledge’s song really motivates this family.

Pretty much all of them got out on the dance floor.


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  1. Wonderful wedding – great to be with the family – glad I traveled all the way from Texas to be with everyone and enjoy Rui Family!!

    Janie C

  2. Wonderful highlights and photos of the big celebration. Thanks, Cal! The McHenry County Blog has been see from coast to coast and everywhere in between! All have enjoyed.

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